The Law Office put at your disposal services of juridical assistance and representation in the following areas:

Family law Civil law Labour law
- Divorces
- Annulment of the marriage
- Partition of goods
- Caring underage children
- Allowance for necessities
- The programme of visiting underage children
- The rectification, the modification and the annulament of the acts of civil status
- The establishment of the paternity
- Juridical statement of death
- Juridical statement of people disappearance
- The inheritance
- The partition
- The action for recovering of property
- Acquisitive prescriptions
- Encumbrances
- Actions of verification
- Actions of compensation
- Actions of finding of invalidity, action of annulations, or action of revocation of a contract
- Action of achievement
- Civil obligation
- Drawing up of civil contracts
- Dispute of work in connection with the modification, the cessation or the finding of the nullity of a contract
- Dispute of work in connection with the time of work, time of rest or time of leave
- Dispute of work in connection with the salary
- Dispute of work in connection with the work accidents and professional disease
- Dispute of work in connection with the workman passport and years of service

Commercial law Execution law
- To found commercial societies
- To found associations, foundations and industrial unions
- To modify the constitutive acts of a commercial societies
- The fusion, the dissolution and the division of the commercial societies
- The transfer of the social parts
- To draw up commercial contracts
- Contestation of executions
- Summons
- Notification

Administrative law Assurance law
Penal law Consultations
Drawing up all kind of juridical acts
Notarial assistance in estate transactions