The Law Office of Ciulei Ileana Gabriela, member of Bucharest Bar Association,
with 18 years experience, put at your disposal services of juridical assistance and representation in front of all the Courts of Justice in Roumania, regardless of level, in front of the central and local authorities, of the administrative authorities, of public private institutes, of the police and of the prosecution department.

The services are based on a good professional competence and on the experience acquired through the years.

Our goal is to solve your juridical problems as fast, efficient and cheap as it can be possible.

The seriousness, the confidentiality and the efficiency are the lining guides of our juridical services which are only used for the well-fare of our clients, physical or juridical persons.

The office is run by Ms. Ciulei Ileana Gabriela, graduated of Law School from Bucharest University.